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Thread: USB Loader GX questions?

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    USB Loader GX questions?

    Hi couple of questions using USB Loader GX:
    1. I am using USB loader gx on my Wii (4.2) and the screen seems to be zoomed in a bit as certain options are only just visible on my screen what do I need to do to fix this as I have seen a vid on youtube and those on his screen the interface was not so zoomed in, I have been playing around in the options but haven't got anywhere with it yet.

    2. When I load it up through the HBC it says it is r815 but when I am on the USB Loader GX it says no updates are available but I have read that there are newer versions out than this r830 or something that will play New Super Mario Bros. Is there a way to check which version I am actually running?

    3. Also I have been ripping all my games to a HDD using this by just putting the disc in and installing, they are all original games and seems to be working fine. I did get the New Super Mario Bros. from other means and put it on the HDD it loads fine with Neogamma but I just get a black screen with USB Loader GX. If I get and original copy of the NSMB disc and install like I have with every other game will I then be able to load it using USB Loader GX or will I still have the same problem?

    Any help on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.

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    here is their site with all the latest channels and dol files for you convienence.

    Downloads - usbloader-gui - Project Hosting on Google Code

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    Here is a link for everything to do with USB Loader GX:

    As far as NSMB, you may want to look here:


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