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Thread: does anyone know were i can send my wii 4.2e to be soft mod as i cant do it please

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    does anyone know were i can send my wii 4.2e to be soft mod as i cant do it please

    i have a wii 4.2e and i want to get it soft mod but i have been trying to do it but with no sucess. i have got the homebrew channel on but cant seem to do anymore. does anyone know of were i can send it to be done for me as im not good with stuff like that please please help

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    If you paid someone to softmod for you, then you wouldn't know how to upkeep your softmod, or fix a problem when something doesn't work. What guide did you follow to softmod?

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    i used zelda to get the homebrew channel and that has worked. what im tring to do is get it to allow me to use iso games i have downloaded either on disc or usb i have looked arround and seen that cos it 4.2e im not sure if u can do it. i tried using cios rev 14 but it just freeze my remote not sure what i need to do to be able to play my downloaded games please help everything i try does not work

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    you need to follow a method or step by step guide to doing it.

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    Twilight is a pretty old hack and you're probably missing a whole bunch of things that you need. Go to this guide:

    Follow everything on it, and you will be up and running.

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    can i still do this even though i have already got the hbc using the twlight hack or can i somehow uninstall the homebrew channel and start again

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    You can still use it. I suspect the reason your softmod isn't working is that your ios249 is a stub that was placed there by the 4.2 update. This makes me wonder how you can even see the HBC. Follow the guide EXACTLY and you will be up and running when you're done.


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