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Thread: Very Newbie Quiestions

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    Very Newbie Quiestions

    Hi guys, never modded my wii before as my friend did it for me...

    i am in 3.4e and im able to play DVD-R games, the thing is that i cant play C.O.D modernwarfare as it ask me to update it.

    my question is that if i update will it brick my wii? if i update will o still be able to play copy games?

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    it could possible brick you if the region on the disk is different from the region of your wii.

    If you update most likely you will not be able to play backups unless you update using Waninkoko's safe updater.

    You may want to install preloader or priiloader I can't remember which one works with 3.4. With either loader you can tell it to block disk updates and you should be fine after that.

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    Hey thanks, if im not mistaken, im on a chipmod not softmod cause i do not have the home brew channel.. so does this makes a different or would you recommend me to do a soft mod and update the firmware and also enable me to play games that im unable to play.

    lastly, why is my wii unable to play COD on 3.4e chipmod?

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    im on softmod and cod MW works with no problems, also there is no preloader for ver 3.4 so i would just update to 4.1.


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