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Thread: Not sure how to search what Im asking...

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    Not sure how to search what Im asking...

    For a new modded like myself that is about to mod their Wii D2C with a D2pro9 do I need to do anything special to play the current games?

    My Wii is already running 3.2u firmware and I already know how to make backups of my originals, just read awhile back that there were SMG and SMBB updates that had to be done first, but I believe those updates update the firmware to if I'm running 3.2u I should be good to go eh??

    Just want to make sure otherwise I'm going to have my daughter pissed at me :P

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    yes, you'll be good to go seeing that you have the latest update available

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    yeah update dont can do them before or after its all the same


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