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    Smile Newb Questions:

    Hello Scene,

    Let me just say thanks first for the tuts and information found on this forum. I successfully soft-modded a newer wii system. The system came with the D3 drive and system menu 4.0u. I installed bootmii as an IOS along with Preloader or Priiloader v1 and it does boot fine with eject boot. With Priiloader, disc updates are disabled. Updated the console to 4.1 using the safe method.

    So my questions if I may;

    How safe am I? I did install a few game .wads but then read the brick stories. I uninstalled the wads using wad manager. The only .wads I have are neogamma and the updated shop channel.

    If I don't touch any of the IOS's or update the console am I good to go?

    lol, do IOS's spontaneously corrupt themselves? Is the priiloader disc update disable feature really dependable?

    I am just feeling a little uneasy because I do not have the safety of Bootmii installed to boot2.


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    You are pretty safe most wads a region free that is where people kill their Wii's from installing wads from another region.

    you can touch IOS's just amke sure none of them are below 200 as in you can update cIOS38 to what ever revision you want

    No IOS do not usually corrupt themselves and the block disk update feature is reliable.

    Bootmii installed as boot2 is not necessary. As long as you are careful Bootmii does not even have to be installed at all. It is best described as protection from disks and from yourself. In case of something accidentally really dumb.


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