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Thread: Rec Room games

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    Ca Rec Room games

    i download this game from hippyfreak's forum\site i can get it to run from disk channel no problem(cIOSCorp3.5) also got it to copy to hd via USBLoader GX r815(i think that's the "r") but when i load from usb it loads to first screen and just says its "loading" left it for like 10 mins and nothing changed when loaded from disk took no time at all really.

    don't have problem loading from disk but this is only game that hasn't work for me didn't even have a problem with NSMB just need to install ios53(or what ever ios it was) with bug in it and worked fine but would like to run from usb to save my wii laser

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrChronic View Post
    i download this game from.....
    Witch game is this game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by x3n0 View Post
    Witch game is this game?
    the name of the game is "Rec Room Games"

    Hippyfreak's WII "ISO ONLY" thread - Page 105

    the game(s) will work from disk but from usbloader


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