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Thread: USB Loader GX Will Only Recognize HDD Once and No More

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    USB Loader GX Will Only Recognize HDD Once and No More

    I have been beating my head against the wall with this.

    This is my story:
    My HDD has 2 partitions: 1) Data (E 1.47 GB FAT32 Healthy Primary
    2) (W 464 GB Healthy (Active) Primary
    (Before I formatted to WBFS it was previously Fat32)

    I formatted the 464 GB with WBFS and then loaded the ISO on using WBFS. I then hook the drive to my wii, turn on, Go into USB Loader GX, and it loads to the white menu screen like expected. I can play every game perfectly. My problem occurs when I shut my Wii off, Power it back on to play, Go into USB Loader GX, and it black screens, puts some pixelated lines at the bottom of the screen and then displays, "Waiting for your SLOW USB Device."and then counts down to 0 and resets the wii to the menu. And the HDD will never be recognised again by usb loader gx.

    Will someone please please help me?!?!

    I am at a loss.

    Thanks alot. I apprecaite you alot.

    TD From MT

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    sounds like your hard drive went to sleep. You may need to format it back to Fat32 and find a program for it to disable spindown.

    Alternatively you can unplug your hard drive when your see the countdown then plug it back in after 2 seconds.

    You can also turn off your wii (not standby) by pressing the power button on the wii itself till the light turns red. This way when you turn it back on, the hard drive will be ready to go.

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    I have the same problem with a 500GB MyBook. I've just gotten in the habit of powering it down whenever we turn off the Wii. It's a P.I.T.A., but it works. And equlizer is right, it's something to do with the Wii not being able to pull the drive out of sleep mode. There's no hardware fix for the MyBook, but maybe your drive will be different. Good luck.

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    I had to do some strange stuff to get my Seagate FreeAgent Desk to work with USB Loaders, I see you tried Configurable USB loader v40, try a newer version of that loader or the newest WiiFlow and make sure you have cIOS38 rev14 installed, and make sure that the spindown (sleep mode) on your HDD is turn off. USB Loader GX still does not support my Seagate HDD. If you still can't get you HDD to work correctly after all this then try this:
    If booting from Channel or forwarder.

    1. Turn on the Wii with HDD powered off (or unplugged from the Wii)
    2. After the Wii menu appears, power up the HDD (or plug in HDD to Wii if unplugged)
    3. Now select your channel or forwarder and all should work well.

    If booting from HomeBrew Channel

    1. Turn on the Wii with HDD powerd off (or unplugged from the Wii)
    2. Select homebrew channel and wait for that to load.
    3. Power up the HDD (or plug in hdd to Wii if unplugged)
    4. Now select your USB Loader, and all should work.
    I had to do this before but don't have to any more, I think it was a new version of Configurable USB Loader that fixed my problems because USB Loader GX still don't recognize my HDD.


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