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Thread: Question about Priiloader and savings settings

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    Question about Priiloader and savings settings

    I installed Priiloader the other day and had my SD card in. I saved disable update. I later had the SD card out of the Wii and was in the priiloader settings. I saw disable update was still enabled and I enabled one of the other settings, when I tried to save it said no SD card available and it could't save.

    My question is, why was it able to know which settings I had saved when the SD card was not in the Wii? And why do I need the SD card in to save if it still keeps the settings even if the card is not in?

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    The reason I am asking this is I need to know if the settings are really saved in there. If I don't have my SD card in will it still know to not load the updater?

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    If your talking about the disable update hack that you enable on priiloader then I believe the SD card doesn't need to be in for it to save judging by the quick test I just ran. I took out my SD card and noticed my hacks were still on such as the 'auto press A at health and safety screen'.

    But of course the floor is open for a more experienced modder to solve this question

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    The reason your saved settings will show in preloader without the card is that both preloader, and the hacks you've enabled, are stored in the Wii's internal NAND. Any further hack enabling or disabling requires an sd card with a hacks.ini configuration file present.
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