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Thread: Anyone have an idea?

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    Ca Anyone have an idea?

    I just got a d2c drive with a wiikey2 and I have a quandry.Why is it I will put in a back-up and it will say either error or unable to read disc but then ill reboot and put the disc back in and it will be fine.It happens with quite a few discs.Ill put the disc in and in will spin up and work,but then I put it in and the disc does not spin up and unable to read.Im on sys menu 4.1 and im scared to soft mod.any help would be cool

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    Its probably just a bad burn. It happens to some of my games as well. It will work fine the first few times, but if I don't play it after awhile and then try to play it again, it will mess up. Just reburn it at 2X with imgburn and you should be good.
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