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Thread: Clone Wii SD card for another Wii Mod

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    Clone Wii SD card for another Wii Mod

    I used the Mario Kart Disc and updated my firmware to 4.2U

    I then downloaded a couple files on an SD card to enable me to install homebrew channel.

    Put files on another card to the install homebrew channel.

    Downloaded all the ios and other programs needed to set up wii flow and other desired programs.


    I have all 3 of these cards. Can I clone the SD in my wii and then use the other 2 cards to put the homebrew channel on my friends wii and then put the cloned card in the SD slot for a quick and easy set-up?

    I guess what it all comes down to is this. Are the files and folders on the SD card that must be left in the Wii installed on the Wii hardware, or are they installed on the card?

    I am a long time gamer and computer geek, but a total Noob to wii mods. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Yes you can do this. Once you are done softmodding and you guys are running the same programs like wiiflow you can swap the SD cards.


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