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Thread: semi-bricked my wii, Need help fixing oh so kindly

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    Us semi-bricked my wii, Need help fixing oh so kindly

    I have an NTSC wii running an original soldered wiikey. I was updated to 4.1u and using a gecko cheat through homebrew to get the new super mario bros to work. All was good. However, I got a hold of a new super mario disc and was told it was patched and I would not have to run through gecko. Well, it turns out it was a pal disc and I let it update. It updated my system to 4.1e and now I can't get to my system settings. Also the gecko cheat will no longer work with the old disc.

    So how do I get it back to 4.1u? also I do not have wifi for the wii. I am really new at this and would appreciate a step by step if possible.
    I am really glad I found this site.

    Thanks guys!!

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    I checked the tutorials section and they said you can use wad to revert back. I will try it and report back.


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