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Thread: SDGecko, DriveKey, Newbie HELP!

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    Us SDGecko, DriveKey, Newbie HELP!

    Hello to all,
    I'm a 360 old schooler, but finally made the decision to mod my old wii (2006). Unfortunately, I didn't jump in until my old Wii was already updated to 4.2u. I figured the easiest way to mod it was through a modchip, the DriveKey (BTW, I'm in the USA so NTSC). I also needed a way to rip backups, so I choose the cheap route, the SD Gecko. The problem is, there are no tutorials and it doesn't work out of the box. Do I need a bootdisk? I downloaded what I thought was one, but it must have been PAL (as many know, since 4.2 the drive key cannot load out of region). I've spent endless hours searching the internet, and as I said I'm not a newbie to modding, just modding the Wii. Can anyone help? I really don't want to go the softmodding route(especially with 4.2).


    EDIT: I HAVE NOW SOFTMODDED USING THE 4.2 TUTORIAL. I'm still trying to figure out how this SD Gecko works and if I already have what I need to rip backups (to be burned) to it.
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    Somebody has to know..this has to easy. Right?
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    Disregard,didnt realise you weren't softmodded

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    Quote Originally Posted by DracUK View Post
    Disregard,didnt realise you weren't softmodded
    Actually, in desperation I did the 4.2 softmod. Is there an easy way to rip games to the Gecko now? I seem to be stumbling around in the dark.

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    Now your softmodded you can downgrade to 4.1u by downloading the following rar file.So will be able to run out of region again with your drivekey.
    Copy both folders to your sd card.

    USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MAKE SURE YOU LOAD THE IOS60-64.wad file first and then the 4.1 System Menu wad.

    You can use wadmanager to install both wads.IOS60-64 FIRST REMEMBER

    I have done this on my PAL wii using the PAL version and no problems.
    If you installed priiloader when softmodding you will have to reinstall it after downgrading.

    Heres the link

    Cant help with sd gecko but if youve installed a usb loader with your softmod you can rip games with that to the hard drive.

    Good Luck

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