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Thread: Black wii accidentaly updated shopchannel

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    Black wii accidentaly updated shopchannel

    I have a new black Wii with softmod, now my girlfriend accidentaly updated the shopping channel when entering this for the first time.

    I don't know yet if the Wii is bricked but i know that after a softmod you may never update or it (can) get bricked or die.

    After she downloaded the update the Wii got back in main menu and i told her to stay off the Wii until i know what to do.

    Know the wii is turned off and i hope anyone can tell me what to do next, or is an update from the shoppingchannel not that dangerous?

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    What's your version now, and what were you on when you softmodded? 4.2? I doubt you're bricked... just panicked.

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    don't know for sure but i thought it was 4.2 (i believe i updated the wii before softmodding it)

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    even if you did update to 4.2 from a lower version you can fix it. If you were on 4.2 already then you're probably fine. Turn it on, see what your system menu is, then try to play a backup.

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    Version is 4.2E
    If i try to startup my configurable usb loader it freezes on startup and dosnt go further. i have virtual game super mario bros as an wii channel and that still works. i havent yet started homebrew channel.
    So what know?

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    Now you keep trying stuff. If you were not on 4.2 before the update then it killed your homebrew. You are not bricked. You have no idea what system menu you were on before? If the 4.2 update killed your homebrew then all you have to do is follow the 4.2 guide in my signature to fix it.

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    Ah know i remember again, it wasnt 4.2 before i softmodded it. So if you are right all i have to do is follow your 4.2 guide. I hope this wont mess up with my dutch guide i used, this guide was a softmod for version4.0 until 4.2
    Thanks so far and i will try your guide i let you know if it worked.

    Do i need this guide?
    Messie guide:Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!

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    Yes. It's not my guide, it's messie's. Do that and you'll be fine.

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    ok so doing this guide over my old softmod is no problem? (Sorry for checking but i dont want to do anything wrong)

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    You'll be fine.

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