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Thread: Help, I think I may have semi-bricked my Wii, also need help with PAL games

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    Help, I think I may have semi-bricked my Wii, also need help with PAL games

    I have a US NTSC Wii running v4.1U. About 3/4 of the time when I try to go to the menu to change settings my Wii ends up locking up (it either goes to a black screen or just freezes whatever screen is up, though the music continues to play.) I'm wondering if I somehow semi-bricked the thing? It's softmodded using the first softmod tutorial that I found on this site. At the moment it still plays games off of USB and DVD, so it's not a huge deal. One other thing though, I was wondering what I need to do to be able to play PAL games on my NTSC Wii. I wasn't paying attention when I was downloading ISOs and ended up downloading a few PAL versions of games (and it turns out that a few of the ones that I downloaded are really hard to find in NTSC.) When I load a PAL game the screen starts rolling over and over and I have to reset the Wii in order to get it to stop. I'm currently using NeoGamma r7 to load from USB, as my USB HDD doesn't seem to get along with USB Loader GX. Also, if anybody has any thoughts on that, I've tried using USB Loader GX, but every time it ends up timing out and resetting, never reading from my USB HDD. I used WBFS Manager 3.0 to create my WBFS partition and everything on it works just fine in NeoGamma.

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    Download a latest version of USB loader Gx, or load through homebrew channel. Or you can use Configurable USB loader.

    PAL games should work on your wii. If you see those green lines scrolling the screen just go to Options or Region options and turn on Video Patch: To force NTSC
    (it might say pixels afterwards, just try both until it works) It'll work for you.

    3.1-4.1 Softmod Tutorial (Works on all wii's!)

    Wii 4.1u | Bootmii (IOS) | Priiloader 0.2 (Rev 32) | HBC 1.0.6 | Neogamma R8 Beta 7 and Neogamma RC3* | USB Loader GX REV 919

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