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Thread: Hello, Goodbye

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    Hello, Goodbye


    I registered today in order to view links.
    I don't plan on becoming a member of the "community" and you have the site moderators and owners to blame for that.

    This is going to be my only post.. and I'm going to use it to express the disappointment that I was forced into jumping through hoops in order to obtain a simple answer to my question...

    If you want to be a private forum fine. Close it off to everyone, and don't pollute my google search results with your useless link-devoid posts.

    If you want to create the picture of an inviting, welcoming community, then for god's sake, don't force me to register just so I can see a link. I'll join of my own accord, probably after finding two or three posts that help me with my problems, and I find that your forum is full of helpful, friendly people.

    It's absolutely beyond me why you might want to force someone to make an account for a single visit. You probably have thousands of "stub" accounts with no posts because someone registered in order to find out where a link went.

    When you look at it that way, what possible use could hiding links have?

    So... I'm sorry for saying this. I'm sure this is a great place... but until your admins and moderators stop being retarded assholes, I will never be a contributing member of this community. (And rest assured, when that happens, it won't be under this username, email or IP address)

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    Because that we are in the hopes that someone would want to remain a member of our community. Thats what makes this site great users, "want" to come back for more. So the site took you an extra minute to get onto by registering. Hopefully someone would be impressed by the quality of members and MODs alike.

    Customer support as well, we try to the best of our abilitys to go that "extra mile" to try and figure out someones problem, granted they spent a little time searching around our own forums for the answer.
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    This isn't the only forum that hides links from non-registered users so don't get your panties in a bunch. The community here is known for being very helpful to those that are seeking help as opposed to those that try to dine and dash (aka: you). The mods are hardly the people you make them out to be and have proven to be quite helpful. Perhaps if you took some time to get to know the community before passing judgment, your opinion of this place would be a bit higher.
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    I was also one who signed up for the links. But... Since everyone on here was so HELPFUL and since there was so much great information I became what I never thought I'd be... a forum guy. (I just wished I would have used my standard username instead of my junkmail one.) It's your loss if you choose to leave because you're missing out on a lot of great info and people. Have fun with youtube.

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    Don't much care for blocked links, but the fact is this forum is the most complete and full one on Wii Modding, and I've found nothing but help in the IRC chat, if you want a link free site google will more then oblige you

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    Typical douche bag. Oh well good riddance to bad rubbish.

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    I have also just joined and came to put my introduction and saw this thread. I have had a look at a couple of very helpful posts and found the site well organised.

    Almost every site I know requires you to register to use it. I really don't understand the problem. Most sites won't even let you view the posts without registering. I think your are being a bit unfair on whats appears to be a very good site.


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