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Thread: It doesn't load properly!

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    It doesn't load properly!

    I believe I deleted my IOS249, so that I could put in a cIOS in its place. Did that because I wanted to play backups, but I believe I totally broke my system. Now I think I encountered the Wii Black Screen of Death.
    Help a brotha out!!

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    249 is not a critical system ios below 200 would be bad. Use cIOS38rev14 it will install itself in the 249 slot it is run through HBC. For ease of use with rev14 make sure you have WiFi it will be much simpler.

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    Unhappy Can't load ANYTHING, remember?

    The Wii turns on, but the TV says no signal is being received.

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    sure the input is plugged in properly?

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    Angry I don't know what I did

    Really, I don't know. Maybe you can help me find out. I softmodded my wii with homebrew channel and just about everything. One day, I was trying to modify ios249 by deleting it and making a cIOS 249. I forget what happened during the procedure, but now my wii isn't loading to the System Menu. I had 4.2u before this happened. Is my Wii shot or can I fix it?

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    The input being plugged in is as simple as seeing that your audio/video cables is plugged in, to both the TV itself and to the back of the wii. If they are plugged in and you still have no video nor audio, then you probably have a brick. You deleting ios249 did not brick you, but if you deleted an ios beloew 200 (like mentioned above) BRICK!
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    Unhappy Just as I thought, damn!!

    So I guess I gotta buy a whole wii then, huh? But I heard of recovery from a brick. But, I guess since mine is a full brick, then there is no chance for recovery.


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