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Thread: Softmod 4.3 HDD Problem

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    Softmod 4.3 HDD Problem

    I have a 250Gb WD USB drive on my white Wii. Due to read problems on my PC, I had to reformat the HDD in FAT32 using H2format. Originally it was partitioned into 2 x 160Gb drives, one for backup on my WII using USB Loader on HBC and one for saving the ISO files from WBFS manager. Now I cannot get any thing at all on to write or read on my Wii USB loader. It states that there is zero space on the disk. If I reformat using a partition/disk manager and I get some space to load by using a different disk managers it tells me the game is already loaded. Is there some kind of hidden file, written by the Wii to the HDD, which cannot be overwritten by normal disk formatting ? Or is there a HBC program which will delete these ghost files ?
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