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Thread: Mymenu 1.3 Download and Help!

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    Mymenu 1.3 Download and Help!

    Hi, I just recently installed a theme on my wii not knowing that you had to do the runfirst.mym file and now I'm stuck with it, and I know you can fix this by installing another theme but the thing is the mymenu 1.2 I have on my computer is taking forever "parsing the script". I just wanted to see if mymenu 1.3 would be any better, but the thing is is offline, and I would appreciate any help with my current mymenu or the download for 1.3. Please help me out!

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    Alright I just restarted my computer and everything seems to be ok now. If anyone is having this problem with mymenu just restart computer, it worked for me.

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    hey if u want to install the original theme download it with nus downloader from

    and if u want some themes I can Give them to you but I'll need to upload the files first
    So I'll get back to you '''

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    ok I'm back below are the files you may need But let me tell you that I'm in 3.2u and I can use 4.0 themes I got to modify the themes so they work on 3.2u....

    For example a theme call I we'll need to rename it to xxxxxx.mym and then work with it on my menu.. You probaly Know this but you need your system original app
    to modify an MYM file... Ok I hope this file will help u and remember to use boot2 to backup your nand if something goes wrong...

    MetalGearSolid [Wii Theme].rar
    NARUTO full disk.rar
    wolverine 3-2.rar
    These themes are from (rigth now out of service)

    My Menu
    MyMenu Setup.rar
    IDK if this one needs a common key

    OK good luck and if i helped you click on thanks....

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    Thumbs up Thanks!!!

    Thx! Been lookin for these!
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