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Thread: Is it really dead? Really REALLY dead?

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    Is it really dead? Really REALLY dead?


    New to the forum and I've got a dead wii, it gets power and switches on, but no screen and no cd booting is happening.

    It was modded by myself about 2 years ago with a Wiikey with no trouble.

    I decided it was time to try the Homebrew Channel so went about installing pre-loader etc...

    Installed the above and I had the "System files are corrupt etc..." so thought, oh bugger. Managed to get it back by installing a proper system wad and everything was working fine. I even had the Homebrew Channel installed, so I achieved what I wanted to do.

    Then I messed up :/ I ran an update from a game (I know )

    Now all the Wii does is turn on, just blank, nothing, not a sausage.

    I've tried the 4 button Gamecube controller thing, didn't work.

    Am I safe to assume it's now a door stop?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

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    No one? I've got a family thats looking at me funny

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    If walks and talks like a duck, then it might be a duck,
    I cant say for sure, but I know there's this- Click on the button on the top of the page that says "Search".
    If you think your Wii's really bricked after you try searching your problem, Then send it into Nintendo. I just sent mine in last month and got it back within a week. It cost me eighty bucks, which is better than buying a new Wii.

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    first off t here is a correct sub forum for this... I know its incredibly hard to see if there is a section for stuff like this. But anyway, if you cant do anything with it then it is bricked. Only things to try is hold reset when you turn it on and see if pr(e/ii)loader starts up.
    Second thing to try is make sure there is no disc in the drive then start up the wii if it shows 2 brief flashes(looks kinda like a flicker) then you have bootmii as boot2 and should be safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    Thanks mate, I did look everywhere, but for some reason didn't click the infamous "search"

    Any chance I can be moved to that section mods?

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    Unfortunately, you have a full brick and unless you had bootmii installed as boot2, then your only option is to send it back to Nintendo who usually charges $75.00 US for repairs.

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    I did have bootmii installed before I had to sort out the "system files are corrupt"

    I just don't know why I can't get in it.

    Is the drive LED flashing once a clue to something?

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    Your drive should quickly flash twice if bootmii as boot2 was installed. Remove any DVDs in the drive, and turn on your wii and watch carefully. If there's two quick flashes that means bootmii as boot2 was installed, if it only flashes once then it wasn't installed.

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    Nope, definitely once... Guess it wasn't on boot2 then. BLEH!

    I'm going to try some Different programs from the SD card in a bit.

    If it fails, it gets launched

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