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Thread: my USB loader GX cant work now...

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    my USB loader GX cant work now...

    ok so i was being a nice guy trying to help someone else soft mod their wii... my Wii was working perfectly all these while up until i used my sd card to soft mod my friend's Wii... now when i get into USB loader GX and load a game... all it shows is a black screen... i seriously need help now... 5 hours ago before i left house i was still playing my Wii fine... now after i help my friend... my wii has problem ='(

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    i would have backed up my sd card - but anyway.... just reduplicate your sd card from when you hacked yours....

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    ok... is it ok that i reinstall all the cios and everything again? will my wii get bricked? i mean ultimately i just want the files to be similar to wat i had before i had problems

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    problem solved... just a piece of advice dun use your sd card in someone else's Wii high chance it will screw up your setting...


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