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Thread: how can I safely upgrade from 3.1U

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    Us how can I safely upgrade from 3.1U

    The wii which I acquired had system 2.2u. By launching the original MarioKart, the system was upgraded to which, then the HBC channel was able to be installed.

    I would like to install pre/priiloader which I currently don't have because of its minimum requirement of system 3.2u. The goal is so I can prevent accidental updates to the system - for example, when a PAL game might try to update the system etc. etc.

    Question: Since I'm on 3.1u at present, what system level can I go to that is the most recommended and most compatible, and how can I get there - safely and not lose my existing softmod?

    I do fully understand that I should NOT upgrade to 4.2u - otherwise the softmod will stop functioning.

    Given that, what are my options ?

    Are there other games, similar to MarioKart, that will safely update the system and still remain at the acceptable level of system 4.1u and below.

    thank you

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    use dogeggs tut in my sig to softmod.... and update to 4.1


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    best firmware isnt available for answering...,. heres the 3.2 thread... install ios30 first then systemenu289 all through wad manager....

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    Apologies - looks like another person posted a very similar question and I read the replies there as well.

    Thank you - since the wii is already softmodded - I'll take a closer look at moving to 4.1U

    PS. This site is AWESOME. I'm amazed at the quick replies.


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