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Thread: Newbie help on NSMBW

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    Newbie help on NSMBW

    Hi all, this is drivin me nuts, so much info, but cannot get to work.
    Please help in monkey terms....
    I have Wii version 3.2e
    Using Coverflow 1.2 - works with virtually everything
    copy of NSMBW iso from Bahamut
    Wad installer 1.4
    Load everything from External hard drive.

    Could anyone please please give me an idea of how to get this game workin for my little lad.....Thanks all

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    Click the you failed to search link in my sig

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    Still struggling JUnkmailturds, f**kin thing....from reading all the help, i can run in coverflow without having to upgrade..
    Ive run through the patching and fixing the iso and all is well up to the last step, cannot seem to replace main.dol which has been patched. In Wiiscrubber it states find main.dol and replace, but i get unable to add free space to the file.... not allowing me to drop patch in there. Any ideas

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    NSMB boot problems

    hi, m8 i had probbs for ages tryin to get it to boot and i felt that the help wasnt very good on here.Maybe i just wasnt looking/reading things properly.
    i had burned the games in a good few different ways but still i couldnt get it to boot useing neogamma and all the other loaders then one of the other sites told me to try uloader with the cios 222 wad( i thought uloader was just for usb) and boot the game with that from dvd so i done that and it worked, i had about 5/6 discs done all different ways ,scrubber-patching-compress and all that kinda stuff and i found 2 of my previously burned discs worked.

    let me know how u get on m8

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    Exclamation read this


    For USB loading:

    You can use the newest NeoGamma R8Beta, Coverfloader, USBLoader GX, CFG-Loader or OpenWiiFlow, which all should be able to run the Game without any patches needed.
    Or you can put the fixed ISO (see below) on your Drive, using your Favorite Manager, and play it with any Loader you like.
    Or you can use NeoGamma R8Beta13 or above, cIOSrev14, place the included .wip-Patches in SD:/NeoGamma/, and enable "Search patches".
    Or you can use CFG-Loader and the Alt.dol Trick (rename the fixed main.dol to SMNP.dol and place it under SD:/usb-loader/. Then select in CFG-Loader Alt.dol from SD and play the game)

    For Disc-Loader Users (no ModChip, only cIOS):
    The patched game (see below) works fine with rev14 and NeoGamma/SoftChip.

    ModChip Users:
    You can use NeoGamma R8Beta13 or above, cIOSrev14, place the included .wip-Patches in SD:/NeoGamma/, and enable "Search patches".
    Or you can try the newest NeoGamma R8Beta, which should be able to run the Game without any patches needed. THE ISO MUST BE UNPATCHED!
    Or you can try GeckoOS, and these Cheats for your Region. Place it under /codes/, and activate Ocarina in GeckoOS.
    Or you can download and Install IOS53 and your System IOS (3.2-3.4 = IOS30, 4.0/4.1= IOS60, 4.2=IOS70) and patch them with the Trucha Patch. Use (DOP-IOS MOD) for this. Then play the patched ISO(see below). You'll need a Wii that is connected to the Internet!

    cIOSCORP Users:
    The patched Game(see below) works fine with a rev 14 dipped IOS53-v5406 or IOS53-v5149.
    Its in cIOSCORP 3.5

    Patching/Fixing the ISO:

    1) Download WiiScrubber 1.40
    2) Run the "MakeKeyBin.exe"
    3) Open WiiScrubber, and select your ISO
    4) Search for the main.dol -> right click -> Extract
    5) Download THIS and THIS
    6) Open PPF-Patcher, choose the main.dol for input and the PPFf-Patch for your region, and klick apply.
    This is the patched main.dol that you can use for alt.dol-Loading. If you want to patch the ISO, read further.
    7) Back in WiiScrubber, search again for the main.dol, right klick -> Replace and select the patched main.dol

    if you get a 002 error, then check your loaders settings for "002 fix" or "anti 002" some loaders do this automatically, some dont!

    credits to VKI, who made the PPF-Patches and WiiPower, who made the Loader Patches and Blue-K from GBAtemp

    [Convert PAL save to NTSC]


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    sounds a lot like the the link in my You Failed To Search post... Very humble though. nice.

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    just one quick do you check your driver settings please

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    hey this game has been giving me lots of bother too and ive tried the fix a few times with no luck. however i gave it one more go today and what i done was use wii scrubber to delete the first 0 partition on the disk and then patched the main dol in the main game partition as per the tut above and hey presto bobs ur uncle it works!!! happy days.

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    One more question on NSMBW and Usb loader

    So i cant install the game directly from usb loadergx?


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