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Thread: Updating Wii from 3.1U to 3.2U offline help

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    Updating Wii from 3.1U to 3.2U offline help

    Hello, i'll make this quick.

    I need to update my Wii from 3.1U to 3.2U and i do not have internet on my Wii. So i can't update using the CIOS downgrader or any other online methods. I've been told that i need to use NUS Downloader and download IOS30-64-v1040.wad and System Menu-NUS-v289.wad. Then i was told to install them with Wad Manager. Will this work? Or will it brick my Wii? If it won't work are there other ways to get to 3.2U offline?

    I've searched Google, this website, GBAtemp and other Wii hack forums for a clear answer to my question and i haven't been able to find one. So i'm forced to make a thread. Sorry for the trouble.

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    Search for tealc's thread on which ios's games use and do a disc update from one that has 3.2 on it

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    Yea thats what I would have said. Theres games on there that have updates for 3.2 and 3.4. Find a game that has 3.2 and run the game and have it update your console. After that go ahead and mod it.
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    or get THIS

    install ios 30 through wad manager then install systemenu3.2 through wad manager

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    3.2 wasn't in any discs, it was only a web update.

    SuperSteve, use NUSDownloader to download and get the wad files for IOS30-64-v1040.wad and System Menu-NUS-v289.wad. Place those wad files into the wad folder on the root of your sd card so your sd card looks like this:

    SD Card:\wad\IOS30-64-v1040.wad
    SD Card:\wad\System Menu-NUS-v289.wad

    Then load wad manager and install IOS30 THEN install the system menu.

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    hmmm, anyone else here the echo!!!!!!!!!!!?

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    I dont hear it tristan but I sure do read it.
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    Thank you all or this info - I was wondering about the same as well (in a different post) since my wii is also currently at system 3.1u

    This are great recommendations/links.

    I'll research further on getting my wii changed from 3.1u


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