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Thread: Launch HBC (and homebrew) on un-softmodded wii (with modchip)

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    Launch HBC (and homebrew) on un-softmodded wii (with modchip)

    Hello All ....

    I've had my Wii for about a year now (PAL) and thanks to the guides here on the forum , I've successfully managed to backup my games and play them either as burned discs or iso's from a HDD. It's all been really cool and the emulators available through HBC are worth it alone.

    Anyway ... I bought Guitar Hero 5. My first guitar game. I backed it up in the usual way. The backup wouldn't load. I scoured the forums , tried the fixes suggested (IOS 37 as 232?) .. it returned a -1 error .. googled and searched for a solution. It took me ages and I am still having problems getting my Wii to run this disc. Ghostbusters too took quite a while to suss out. I have to admit that the whole IOS factor confuses the hell out of me.

    So .. i'm asking myself are there better things i could be doing with my time? Yes , is the short answer. I've come the conclusion that although I probably would get GH5 going at some point ... it's a matter of time until a new game comes out with new IOS requirements and I'm back to Google for 8 hours! So I have started looking into the idea of a modchip (drivekey to be exact). Plays backups no problem etc .. nice. Or is it?

    Here's my newbie question that I haven't found an answer to. I hope someone can answer it.

    Can I run my Wii as an un-softmodded machine (i.e as if it's new from the shop with the latest firmware installed from Nintendo) but still run homebrew somehow if I have a modchip fitted? I have read about a autoboot disc for this purpose but it won't run on anything above FW3.2 .. is that right? Because I'd want in my ideal setup to have the LATEST firmware installed so that the newest games work. I'd like to run a disc dumper app (i don't have a LG GDR drive) plus I'd love to be able to still play Snes9x. Is this poss? Could a disc have HBC and all the apps i wanted burned to it and then played whenever I wanted?

    Or is it a case of if you want to do anything 'unconventional' with your Wii , you have to stick with an earlier firmware and just live with the library of IOS installs on an ongoing basis?

    I hope this makes sense...I hope I don't sound TOO noobish ... I'm pretty fried still from trying to sort my GH5 issue!

    Thanks All.

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    alot of ppl use homebrew and it's apps alone. a newer wii will work if it doesn't have the new d2-3 chip that prevents backups. and so far for most modchips an update to 4.2 means no out of region backups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    alot of ppl use homebrew and it's apps alone.
    Thanks Oddgriffin for the reply. Could you give me a hint how ppl do this? I'm not after you typing out loads of info for me , I'm quite willing to Google ... just don't know WHAT to Google!



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