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Thread: Need recommendation on updates

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    Need recommendation on updates

    Good Morning. I bought a new wii last week. I put a D2B drive in it and am awaiting a DriveKey with the new NSMB fix from Canada Mods. I am going the hard mod route first to see how it goes before I get into all the soft mod stuff.

    My wii is at 3.4u. Should I update? and if so to what and how?

    Thanks for your replies.
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    The online update through nintendo will take you to 4.2 and is not recommended. I would recommend softmodding using the Dogeggs guide in my signature and doing all the steps IN ORDER. After you've done this you will be on 4.1 with preloader.

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    Thanks. I want to try hard moding first. Would their be any reason I would want to upgrade anyway?

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    The main reason is the brick protection offered by preloader. It doesn't work with 3.4. Also in softmodding if you are able to install bootmii as boot2 (not all can) this can recover 99.9 percent of all bricks.

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    NSMB would safely update you to 4.1 and give you some newer IOS so most games would then work without issues.
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    Ok, sounds like the reason to upgrade is that some games require 4.1.
    How do I get to 4.1 without going with any soft mod? I don't want to get into that at the moment.

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    As tealc said, just use the update on the disc and you'll be good to go. Games don't require a certain firmware. Many people around here are on 3.2. Games require ios's. The nsmb update will give you all the latest.


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