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Thread: Preloader doesn't load!

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    Question Preloader doesn't load!

    Hi All!

    Been modding 4th Wii but I'm having problems getting Preloader to load this time!

    It was a 3.4e version and I used Dogeggs excellent tutorial to mod. Get as far as updating to Version 4.1e using the Firmware Updater but, when I then try to run Preloader from HBC only get as far as the first warning screen!

    Any ideas would be appreciated?

    Should I just go back to start of Dogeggs tutorial and proceed as if it was a 4.1e version (which it now is!)??


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    If I remember correctly it makes you wait a really long time at the warning screen and if you push any buttons to early it kicks you back and tells you to be patient or something like that. What exactly does it do? Freeze, kick you out...etc. Give it about 15 seconds before you push anything.

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    Preloader begins to load and freezes - doesn't get as far as the bit where it asks you to "press 1 to install". I left it sitting for more than an hour last night and eventually switched Wii off, restarted and tried again - same thing happened.


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