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Thread: Software hack for 4.2E ?

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    Software hack for 4.2E ?

    Just got my new Wii, it says it has software version 4.2E, is there a safe hack for this version ?


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    yes but it is not easy to do u can goto this link.

    External link to unverified tutorial removed by Moderator.

    this will tell u what to do.
    good luck.
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    DO NOT follow that link above. Only use guides from THIS site. They are the most up to date and peer reviewed. There is a guide for 4.2 in my signature for softmodding a 4.2. Use that and you will be fine. Use links from anywhere else and you will end in FAIL.

    aimeerob12- Please don't send people anywhere but this site for their softmodding needs. If they brick off a youtube video one of our members linked then they would blame our site even though we don't endorse it.


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