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Thread: What is best modchip to get for a D2C chipset?

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    Us What is best modchip to get for a D2C chipset?

    I have been reading and debating which one to get, initially my only option was the D2C key which I wasn't comfortable to do myself so I was going to buy a replacement d2b and put a wiikey in it. However now I see advancements have been done in this area and I have better options. Which is the best though. I am looking for one that if wired write and not defective has shown no issues, is upgradeable or not needed to be upgraded, easy to install, reliable etc...

    I was debating between the Argon, d2pro9, or the wasomi chip something like that.

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    Stick with the d2pro9
    Pal D2B fitted with Yaosm v3.2

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