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Thread: WBFS Manager: Transfer taking forever! Most files are fast.

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    WBFS Manager: Transfer taking forever! Most files are fast.

    I've been adding some iso images using this WBFS manager. Before they would transfer so fast because it would just take what it needs from the iso and not the whole 4+ GB. Punchout is taking forever!

    Why is this?

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    this might be something simple. Try these steps first, to rule out the basics.

    1) If you have WBFS manger open, then close out of it.
    2) Disconnect and reconnect your USB drive to the PC - ensure the PC sees the drive letter again
    3) Launch WBFS manager again
    4) "Load" your wii USB drive - you should see all the apps you currently have on it.
    5) Locate, on the right side, the .ISO file you want to load
    6) Click on Add to drive button

    This 'should' be the process to transfer apps. I also just happen to transfer punchout. It took short moments.

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    hmm ok. It just finished after like an hour. I'm scared to start over! lol

    Edit: tried it again. It was 100X faster this time. Not sure why it went so slow that one time. Thanks
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    Ok it added it quicker but the size is still the same on disk. Most of the iso's I;ve added are sized down very much on HDD but this and Smash Brawl is the full size of the iso?? Is that normal for some of them? I think it might have just added it faster bcauz it was cache?? idk but please let me know the size of punch out on your hdd if you don't mind?

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    Those games are generally larger files. All file sizes vary, I don't know. When I copied my Super Smash bros brawl in my USB loader GX it wanted 6.3GB of space! I think that was cios+ISO? I'm not sure how USB loader gx installs the games off of the original disks.

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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl is stored on a dual-layer disc, which has twice the capacity of a normal disc, because of the game size. That is why it is so large on your HDD. And that is also why Wii Sports takes up about 800MB, because it is a terrible demo of a game.
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    If I remember correctly I think Punch Out was about a half a gig smaller for me, so around 3.7 GB's. If you really need to know I can check.


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