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Thread: What are people's opinions on wii chip clips?

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    Us What are people's opinions on wii chip clips?

    I have read mixed reviews on the wii chip clips on here and was wondering what modders or just people that have used thems opinion on them was? I have a D2C chipset not one of the newer ones and previously when i was researching this it would be a nightmare for me soldering the D2C key modchips in lots of small solder point. I have done some soldering work before but all that comfortable with the small soldering points needed to be done.

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    I used a solderless d2pro on my NTSC wii and that was about 6 months ago and have yet to have a problem with it....Every game I have tried whether it was PAL or NTSC has always worked including the new Mario Kart....

    The only flaw that I can think of is that it is a lil picky about the way you press it onto the chip inside the wii....Must be pused down pretty firm and cover the entire chip....

    I would recommend going this route to anybody who is leary about soldering a chip in.....


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