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Thread: loaded softmod 4.1 now what

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    loaded softmod 4.1 now what

    I loaded everything for 4.1 softmod. But I still can't play super mario bros. It ask me for an update. Last time I did an update and got semi bricked. Is there away around the update.

    Do I need 4.2?? Please help, thanks

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    Are you sure you updated to 4.1? The first time I tried it didn't complete. Check your Wii settings and make sure.

    How are you trying to play the game? usbloader? dvd?

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    I am running DVD

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    That's right, official Nintendo updates are not good for softmods, and 4.2 is not good right now, stay at 4.1, and search the formus for your other questions, I'm suprised your thread didn't get locked for asking such a questions, the topics have been covered may times.


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