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Thread: Rb2 DLC and anyregion changer

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    Rb2 DLC and anyregion changer

    About to follow the Tut for getting the RB2 DLC to work, but just a few questions(mainly about anyregion:

    If you have a Pal console like me and have the NTSC copy, you need to change the region of the wii shop channel to NTSC using anyregion changer.
    This applies to me, but doing some google searches and wiihacks searches i can seem to find much helpful info about getting anyregion changer.

    First question relates to this:

    The latest update to the shop channel BREAKS SHOP COUNTRY REGION CHANGING! Be warned that your Wii may be stuck in a certain region for the shop for the time being.
    I am on 4.1, can i leave the shop channel as the version it is now and swap the region, or does the shop channel have to be the latest version to work?

    2nd, can anyone give a link to a reliable copy of anyregion changer, i don't trust DL'ing from random websites through google and can't find an 'official' website for it.

    3rd, is anyregion changer a normal app to be installed through wad manager and then run through homebrew?

    Thanks for any help people can provide me

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    Basically to simplify, what are the steps to get my wii ready for the RB2 DLC guide, considering i will be forced to upgrade the wii shop channel to 4.2 to delete my shop account, but then have to downgrade the shop channel if i want to change its region.

    Is it possible to only downgrade the shop channel?


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