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Thread: Games Do Not appear on the game selection screen.

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    Games Do Not appear on the game selection screen.

    I finally formatted my 500 GB external hardrive to FAT 32 then formatted it to WBFS using WBFS intelligent v6 and transferred 4 backups.After it said games have been fully copied it the said the Partition is empty. Now when i plug it in to my Wii and go to USB Loader GX there are 0 games. i checked U loader it still said there are no games. What am I doing wrong Please help me i am new with hacking my Wii 4.2.

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    Do you have the HDD plugged into the bottom usb port pf the wii?

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    You said after you tried to transfer the files to your hdd, the program said that the partition was empty? Why don't you try with another wbfs manager? See if that shows if your hdd is empty or not.

    WBFS Manager 3.0

    I find formatting to WBFS a hassle now that you can use FAT32/NTSC HDDs... anyway, get back to us on your progress.


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