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Thread: Do I need to use WiiScrubber if I have priiloader installed?

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    Do I need to use WiiScrubber if I have priiloader installed?

    My priiloader settings are no update and free region. I am using a USB hard drive to play my games, do I still need to use Wiiscrubber? From what I have read Wiscrubber gets rid of the updater, does it do anything else?

    I also read Wiiscrubber shrinks the file, when I copy the game to the usb it shrinks the file as well. If I use Wiiscrubber before installing the games will it shrink the games even more?

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    If preloader is blocking your updates you don't need to mess with scrubbing it. When you transfer to a usb device, or zip the iso, the file will shrink. No real reason to mess with wiiscrubber since you have preloader. Congrats! Less work for you!

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    no, preloader will work for the disk updates. and scrubbing them won't be any advantage from a usb device as the scrubbing is done when loading to wbfs file system.

    oops too slow lol

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