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Thread: burning problem

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    burning problem

    i'm trying to burn a ISO file using nero but everytime i click burn it says "not enough space on disc" i'm using a dvd+r. when i open the folder that the ISO file is in it says that the size is 4.59gb but when i place my curser on the ISO file it says 4.37gb. the dvd+r is 4.7gb. i'm i missing something here? i did a search here but couldn't find a solution. please help

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    extract file with winrar

    use imgburn

    burn at 4x

    set DAO to incremental

    use Taiyo Yuden (TY's)

    or Verbatim

    DVD-R is recommended as they are more compatible with the burner and the wii.

    if using mac.... then use disc utility

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    thanks imgburn works great. i was playing around with nero and just figured out that it wasn't campatible with windows vista.


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