Has anyone tried this "Your Shape" successfully? I have the correct UBISOFT cam on USB. (Tried both USB on back of Wii) I am reading ISO from a disc, not USB HDD. Wii Ver 4.2U, Neogamma R7 IOS249 Rev 14. Loaded IOS222 Hermes, IOS58 from the ISO disc using WiiScrubber to extract and Wad Manager 1.5 to install. Error is "An error occured on the USB Camera. Turn off the power to the Wii console." I tried this, even a hard boot holding power button until red LED showed and power plug removed. I have never used used the USB to load any games from HDD, always have been successful with DVD discs.
I am a newbie to this so doing a lot just following guides and reading, reading, reading. Any help is greatly appreciated.