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Thread: Making Wii Virgin (Softmod) - Waninkoko Update Freezes

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    Making Wii Virgin (Softmod) - Waninkoko Update Freezes

    Hi everybody, I am new here..
    I am also pretty new to modding as I recieved the Wii softmodded and I would like to remove all traces of a Mod due to the kids, using the net etc.

    I have a 3.3U - I believe it has Backup Launcher Gamma .3 with 002 fix.

    I read the thread on making it a virgin - So I first formatted my SD Card (was I suppose to?) then ran the update on homebrew. however when I run waninkoko update 4.1 - it freezes at downloading for about 15 minutes..nothing happened. If I do run the update, will this remove homebrew? Or do I update after anytitledeleter and other cleanup tools?

    I really dont want to brick the wii, if I can get some help on removing all traces of a mod that would be great - including why the update does that.

    I know theres other threads, they are so long however and hard to follow as they have about 50 pages +

    Sorry about the inconvinience.
    Thanks a lot!
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