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Thread: disk management

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    disk management

    i downloaded WBFS Manager 2.5 and i pluged my E HD up to my laptop (acer) anyways...

    i went to disk managment and this is pretty much what i saw...

    Disk 0 PQSERVICE ACER (C: )
    basic 7.00 GB NTFS 142.05 NTFS
    149.05 GB Healthy (EISA Configuration) Healthy (System)

    Disk 1 (D
    Removable 969 MB FAT32
    969 MB Healthy

    Disk 2 (E
    basic 465.76 GB
    465.76 GB Healthy

    and i was just wondering what i needed to format and how with wbfs manager

    i need to format a portion of it, but i dont know exactly what to format without losing my movies and keeping my movies part FAT32

    i have over 250 movies on it and idk wich i should format

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    Ok.... google how to make two partiitons on one drive.... its not that hard but one wrong click and you loose everything on the drive... what i would do is go out and buy a new hdd for the wii... becasue it can get complicated to split the drive... and use WBFS Manager 3.0

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    awesome i got it to work, thanks alot emuhack!!!1

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    You would also use something called EASUS Partition Manager [free program] to make the partitions on your drive. WBFS MUST be first and set as active.


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