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Thread: D2Pro Problem

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    Us D2Pro Problem

    I apologize if this has been previously asked but my wii which is uses the D2Pro does not read some of the newer backups. When I place it in the machine it locks up and I must power it down to get it to work again because once I try to play a new backup it will not play older backups or originals until I turn it off. Any suggestions:

    I downloaded the D2Pro USA Utility and tried to do a firmware update but it still does the same thing. The utility says I'm at HW v2.5 and FW1.7.

    A couple of games that will not work are My Fitness Coach and Gold's Gym.

    Please advise and thanks in advance for your help.

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    So you made three posts all asking the same question, 20 minutes apart and in the same sub-forum.

    Do you know how much of a pain it is to clear up other people's rubbish?

    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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