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Thread: Nhl 2k10 (server)Help!!! No Online play

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    Nhl 2k10 (server)Help!!! No Online play

    Ok all I bought nhl 2k10 was playing on line..and has of late I ahve'nt being able tyo play online with it,some about the sports server is down,OK is this for real or is there something worng with my wii? If not my wii how long is this going to be down for?

    If someone can help out great.

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    It shouldnt have anything to do with your wii. THe 2k servers have apparently been down for a day or two so they could possibly just be working out some bugs. If you google "sports server down nhl 2k10" you'll find loads of posts from the 2k forums about them being down. so, most likely just a technical issue on wii's end, not yours.

    Hope this helps!


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