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Thread: Soft mod and hard mod together

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    Soft mod and hard mod together

    Can you install a softmod onto a wii that has already got a hard mod installed?. I find some games don't play with the hardware mod and thought a softmod would assist.


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    Yes, you may proceed to softmod a hardmodded wii like you would with any other wii.

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    Is there any chance of 'bricking' my Wii this way and how do I avoid 'bricking' a Wii.


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    NO as long as you follow the process step by step....

    U might find afew of my post there earlier this week. I have a Wiikey2 modded wii and i have sucessfully softmod it.... both work like a charm.... Love them

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    I also have a D2Ckey and soft modded at 4.2 with no problems.

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    Softmod and Hardmod can work perfectly together in harmony. Gives you all options and 99.9% of game compatibility.

    3.1-4.1 Softmod Tutorial (Works on all wii's!)

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