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Thread: Whaaaa 'sappeneeeen

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    Whaaaa 'sappeneeeen

    So, nice pile of bits ya got here haha

    Glad you all are here. I signed up yesterday and browsed around a bit. The Senior Staff looks to be very helpful. I don't know how often these guys/gals are truly thanked for the time and effort they've put into answering questions and helping people find their path, but I'm sure it's not nearly happening often enough. Putting your configurations in your signature helps those of us struggling to decide on a brand or model of modchip really helps a lot. Thank You all for taking time out of your day to devote to helping everyone along. Hopefully I can dedicate some time in the future to helping out. I've been working on a helpdesk for the better part of the last 15 years. I help people who are having problems with phone internet and cable TV service(power, water, and sewer as well). It takes a special type of person to be able to answer the same questions day in and day out. I get paid as compensation, but the Sr Staff doesn't. Just thought I'd point that out. They really are what turns an everyday forum into a haven like this where you can get real answers to questions instead of being scammed into paying for something that should be free.

    So anyway, I got bit by the mod bug years ago when I modded my XBOX (rev 6) with the Xecutor Lite 1.6 chip. I put XBMC on it as well as a 160GB harddrive. I was in love. As a matter of fact, I'm still using it to this day. I have checked my Serial Number @ and it looks like I've got either a GC2-D2B (50%), a GC2-DMS (25%), or a GC2-D2C (25%). I just soft modded it 2 days ago with bannerbomb. I have the v4.2U system menu. The soft mod worked with no problem. Soft modding is such a complicated (and potentially risky) process when compared to a modchip that I decided quickly thereafter that I was going to go with a mod chip instead of continuing down the soft-mod only road. I think I'm going to go with the DriveKey, but I really like the WiiKey2 as well. I don't want to have to solder as my soldering skills are very much in their infancy. I would go with the WiiKey2 if I knew for sure I had the GC2-D2B as opposed to the GC2-D2C. The presoldered clips are different for the 2 versions. I might try to locate a triwing screw driver and just open the wii up before ordering. That way I'm 100% sure of what I have.
    I have 2 external USB HDD (750GB and 250GB). I want to run and store all my games/movies on the USB HDD instead of constantly burning DVD's. I'd like to be able to run PAL as well as USA games. I'd also like to not be limited to the 3x DVD speed. I plan on doing some searching around to make sure there isn't anything I need to know prior to ordering my chip. Other than that, does anyone recommend the WiiKey2 over the Drivekey for what I'm wanting to do? Is there another chip (preferably solderless) that I'd be better off with? I think the fusion looks interesting. It hasn't got in stock anywhere yet though. Maybe by the time I'm ready to order it will be shipping.

    Anyways, nice to meet everyone.

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    Sorry about the duplicate. I thought yesterday's post titled "waves" timed out and didn't actually post. This one did the same thing. When I tried to resend the post it said it was a duplicate and I noticed that yesterday's actually did post. So I apologize. I guess it won't kill anyone to say hi twice lol.


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