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Thread: USB Loader GX vs WiiFlow

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    USB Loader GX vs WiiFlow

    What are the adv and disavantages between the 2?

    WiiFlow seem to have more interface with Themes and their interactive with games like Flash player..... nice design.... But the USB Loader GX is one of the best loader out there...

    Can i installed both?


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    You can install 50 loaders if you want.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    I installed GX, Flow and Config, I run only GX because to me it is the best for my needs, it takes me very little time to make themes (if I can do it then any idiot can), the setup is good to look at but lets face it, how long is the theme even looked at? the point of the wii is to play games and once a game is playing then the theme is gone.

    It isn't like a pc where your wallpaper is visible most of the time.

    You will find everyone has a different choice for different reasons, install a bunch of them, feel out what is best for you.

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    GX gets my vote but that doesn't count for much as I have never used wiiflow...............


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