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Thread: Black Screen from 4.2u downgrader and 4.1 upgrade

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    Black Screen from 4.2u downgrader and 4.1 upgrade

    I am new to this and I know I did a stupid thing. I had my wii (US Version) from day one it came out and got it mod with I believe wiikey pretty much shortly after. I had no problem playing any games until I stupidly updated to 4.2u because of Super Mario Wii. Since then my backup load as long as it was US games but no import backup. I then learned it is a 4.2u problem and I first follow the instruction from to get cios on 4.2 wii, after I followed the instruction from some youtube tutorial which I didn't link correctly I follow every step and got it downgraded to 3.2u but I am very stupid not to have read the warning not to upgrade to 4.1. I am now stuck with a brick wii with black screen. I have installed bootmii but only as ios but not boot2 (again I know I am stupid to do it) Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do other than keeping the dead wii as a reminder that I should have read ahead more. Thanks in advance
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    Your username is so correct.

    No basically what you have done is stub IOS60 updated your Wii. There's no cure beyond bootmii/boot2.

    You'll need to send it back to Nintendo and they'll hopefully charge you around 75USD and probably send you a refurbished unit. Remove your Wiikey and keep your fingers crossed.
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    How about injection bootmii into the nand? That would restore this one too.
    From bootmii you can recover easily from a brick ...


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