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Thread: New to wii: Game Loading from SD Card

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    New to wii: Game Loading from SD Card

    I'm new to the Wii world ;-)

    I just bought a new "black" wii "limited edition" and just upgraded the System Menu to version 4.2 ;-(

    My new wii has a D3-2 drive, so from what i could figure out it will not be able to read backup disks. The only solution i found was doing a "hard mod" to the system with WODE or Wiikey Fusion to load backups from USB drive or SD (but none of them are available right now).

    My question is if is there a mode to play the backup disks from the SD card using a soft-mod only in my current system (SM4.2) ?

    The idea of replacing the optic drive at the moment isn't a option.


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    Welcome to wiihacks. Your answer would have been found using the search function of this site, and also by reading the guides. You don't have to hardmod your wii. If you softmod you would be able to load via an external hard drive hooked up to your usb port. Loading from SD is not exactly efficient since some games take up close to the full 4.7GB of an iso. Granted some are smaller, NSMB is only around 400mb I think, but an external hard drive would be the best way for you. Be sure to look under all the guides in the forum and you will be fine. Again, welcome.

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