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Thread: 4.2e ..No system hacks available ?

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    4.2e ..No system hacks available ?

    Hi Gents
    I just used Messie's excellent "Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!"
    everything appears to have gone well (4.2E)
    But !!
    did this....................
    ]D7)Installation of priiloader. After you install ios70patched, you are able to install priiloader.
    -Find the only app in HBC that does not have an icon, yet says apps\priiloader\boot.dol, and load it.
    -Read the instructions, and hold down B, and press + to use ios249
    -Once it is done, reset your wii and it will take you to Priiloader menu
    -From there, go to Hacks and check the ones you want. Block disc update and Region free ones are recommended. you can check what the others do here
    -After you are done, go to the Settings and change autoboot to System menu.
    -Reset the wii. You are done!

    Preloader opens fine but when I click on system hacks its just blank ??????
    Any ideas please

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    You need to have the hacks.ini on the root of your SD card. Your SD card needs to be compatible with priiloader.

    If you don't have a hacks.ini file you can create one yourself by using the relevant text from the page Preloader/hacks - WiiBrew and making the file yourself.
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    Worked a treat...Many thanks.

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    Worked for me too...thanks given


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