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Thread: Wii Discoloration

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    Unhappy Wii Discoloration

    I followed the directions for softmodding from 4.2 and my wii menu and games have a brownish tint/discoloration

    I played a burned copy of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles and the disc plays fine but the discoloration makes it hard to play. Movies are a bit choppy but that was to be expected.

    Any suggestions to fix this?

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    I was playing a PAL version on an NTSC, using GX USB Loader and forcing it to run on PAL 50/60, and I was left with a black and white screen and a picture too large for the screen.

    I then went on to run it in patched mode, and it works perfectly!

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    Sometimes there is a certain amount of tint to the gamer anyway, tried brightness settings? obviously I dont know how bad it is on your tv but that sorted it for me.

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