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Thread: I case (chrome)

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    I case (chrome)

    Well not so much as a review, rather a blog post on installing my i case.

    the unix project - COMPUTING

    If I was to install the i-case again, I would make sure the table is kept clean of any debris from opening it. Small bits of plastic scratch the case without you even knowing it.
    You cant handle this without leaving a finger print on it. You *dont* want to see finger prints on it.

    It looks the business :-)

    There is a few pictures and link on it.

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    i'm definitely going to be doing a case mod soon

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    Did you have any issues with the Eject button being the wrong size?

    I read IGN's article on these and they said that the Eject button was too short (not sure what they mean by this) and they had to use the regular one, or modify the new one with silicon or something.

    Link to IGN article

    The article also has a tutorial, and mentions some useful stuff.

    Other than the Eject button issue and the price it looks pretty sweet. Might buy if IGN just had a fluke accident and got sent bad buttons, but for now I'm holding off.

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