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Thread: New firmware updates!!

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    Thumbs up New firmware updates!!

    Source: Wasabi Wii Modchip

    Download: Wasabi Downloads page

    For the past few weeks we've been working hard on a fix for the new BCA protection used by games such as NSMB. As Wasabi DX not only supports regular plug&play install but also 6 wires install, we decided not to release anything until we had a fix for both modes. What we didn't expect were the many problems we faced implementing the fix for 6 wires mode, that took much more time than expected to solve. In the future we plan to release separate upgrades for DX and other Wasabi models to avoid such delays, as requested by many of you.

    Now for the good news. New firmwares for every Wasabi versions are now available in the Downloads section. We're proud to be the first team to release a fix for old non plug&play chips as well.

    Whilst all other last-gen chips surprisingly require a JTAG upgrade, Wasabi DX owners just need to perform a DVD upgrade once to fix the issue. For your info JTAG upgrade means you need to open your console, buy a programmer, or even send your chip back to your reseller to have it upgraded. At best, you must connect an external programmer to your console if it was provided with your purchase. There's absolutely no way to justify that except rushed design.

    While others are marketing their chip as such, Wasabi DX is clearly the only fully DVD upgradable last generation chip. We don't have a crystal ball, but add to this the fact that it was well known that BCA checks could be performed amongst other still unused checks (see our post from the 19th of February 2008), we really believe that it won't be any different next time an upgrade is required, see you then

    Games using the new BCA protection must be patched by adding the content of their BCA at offset $100 in the ISO. We chose this offset because after the modrobert post it became the de-facto scene standard, most other chips using this offset and most other patches we have seen use it as well. Technically it is also very easy to make that area stealth and implementation of the fix isn't overly complicated in 6 wires mode.

    Wasabi DX Firmware 3.0 BETA for the entire Wasabi family is now available in the Downloads section. This is beta, so please wait a few days if you'd like the safety of a final release! Please note that if you upgrade your console to firmware 4.2+, you'll lose the ability to run games from other regions. This is not a problem with Wasabi rather this is a limitation of the latest Wii firmware that is currently not bypassed by any chip.
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    Games using the new BCA protection must be patched by adding the content of their BCA at offset $100 in the IS0.

    so they need to be patched still?
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    Yes, they still need to be patched but if you want (can) you can hex edit the iso with an hex editor at the offset $100 . Since i can't myself i did a quick search on the net and i found a site where modrobert have a patcher and a patch to get new super mario wii to work. Here is the link, just need to register to download : EurAsia


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