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Thread: WBFS Manager Iso

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    WBFS Manager Iso

    For some reason I can't add anymore games to my HDD but i have about 40gb free space left. Is there a way to fix this or am I limited 12gb forever. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Could you please give more details about your problem? Such as what program you are using, the type of hardrive, and how it is formatted? This problem may be caused by you creating two partitions on your hardrive and forgetting about the space that you allotted to each.
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    I am using WBFS Manager 3.0 and I just reformatted my HDD using the WBFS Manager and I am not quite sure what brand my HDD is. How can I check to see if an extra partition was created?

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    If you did not purposely create a new partition then one would not be on the drive. I do not know how to check however.
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    Is there anyway to fix this? I have been looking it up and other people have had this problem but there seems to be no solution.

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    If your using windows right click on My Computer and then click manage. This will pull up computer managment. Find your USB HDD and check to see if you have any Un-Allocated space.

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    When you try to add another file - what is the error seen ?

    With the drive formatted with WBFS manager, generally the entire drive should be be allocated. That being said, "sometimes" disk mfg will install a partition on the drive for their use, for their software.

    Example: I just bought a WD Elite 500Gb drive, in plugging that into the USB port, turns out that around 300Mb was allocated to their software, the remainder was allocated for data.

    Using a PC, and running FDISK program **may** allow you to see how many partitions are on the drive. Given this is a WBFS partition, most likely, it will report it as a NON DOS partition. If you have more than one, it will report it.

    something towards a process of elimination - have you tried cloning that drive to another, then tried added a game to the newly cloned drive ? Reason I suggest that is that once you have your games safely moved to another drive, you can then further troubleshoot that drive without the worry of losing your data.

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    Make sure it's not something simple that you are doing wrong. For example, selecting the same ISOs (that you already transferred) to be transferred to the WBFS drive. After you transfer the ISO, remove it from the list and repeat for the next...


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